The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has stated that Scotland may need up to 8 new towns or extensions to current towns in order to avoid a potential housing crisis like the one in the Republic of Ireland.

The Scottish Government claims that it will act to help increase more affordable homes for their communities, as well as supporting the housebuilding industry in any way possible. There is a severe lack of land for house building, new housing and rental properties all across Scotland and it is set to get worse if nothing is changed.

The Institute has said that the Government need to provide 8 new communities in the form of towns, extensions to existing towns or regeneration of existing towns. There needs to be at least 100% increase in land supply by 2016 and private renting should be the key to the future housing system.

Tom Barclay – Scottish Housing Commission Chairman said: “The imbalance that exists between supply and demand for housing remains an ongoing problem in today’s, and potentially tomorrow’s, Scottish housing market”.

A spokesman for the Government said: “We are taking action to increase the supply of affordable homes, deliver vital support for the housebuilding industry and support economic recovery”.

The Government has recently invested over £1.7billion in affordable housing has dramatically helped with the housing situation and is vital to reach the targe of 30,000 new, affordable homes for their people.

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