What are Bonds?

A Surety Bond will involve 3 parties:

• The insurer
• The insured
• The beneficiary

It provides protection against the failure of a contractor to perform their duties under a contract. It is an undertaking from an Insurer to pay compensation to one party  in the contract in the event that another party fails
to perform in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Surety Bonds

Who are the Parties?

    The Surety – is the insurer (sometimes called the Guarantor)

   The Insured – is the contractor who undertakes the services under the contract.

   The Beneficiary – is the party who receives the services and will receive payment under the bond if the Contractor fails to perform.

Bonds are available for a range of projects depending on the type of contract they are providing the guarantee for.

The most common type of Bonds are:

• Road Bond
• Sewer Bond
• Water Bond
• Advance Payment Bond
• Performance Bonds
• Retention Bonds

Banks and Insurers will always require some form of security before offering a Bond, the difference between a Bank and an Insurer is that the Insurer will very rarely require 100% cash collateral, meaning that you don’t have to tie up essential working capital for long periods of time.


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