Assigned Certifier Services

Global Home Warranties Ltd is delighted to announce that it now offers Assigned Certifier services in conjunction with our 10 year Structural Warranty on new build projects throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Under the new Building Regulations which came into force in March 2014 it is now a statutory requirement that an Assigned Certifier is appointed by the Building Owner to inspect and certify the building works and to co-ordinate and oversee certification by others, namely the Ancillary Certifiers.


The Building Owner is responsible for ensuring that the building or works are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Building Regulations. In relation to the Design and Construction of buildings, the Building Owner will appoint competent Designers and Builders and associated suppliers.

The Building Owner shall:

  • Ensure that a Fire Safety Certificate and Disability Access Certificate are obtained where required.
  • Sign and pay for Commencement Notice (or 7 Day Notice) to be lodged with the Building Control Authority.
  • Sign and submit to the Building Control Authority a notice for the assignment of:
    • A Competent registered professional, Person (the Assigned Certifier) to inspect the building works during construction and provide a Certificate of Compliance on Completion and
    • A Competent Builder to construct the building works in accordance with the plans, specifications and Building Regulations, and to sign the Certificate of Compliance on Completion.
  • Engage Competent Persons and adequate resources to design, construct, inspect and certify the building works.
  • Where the Assigned Certifier or Builder withdraws from the project for whatever reason, the Building Owner will promptly appoint a replacement Assigned Certifier or Builder. Where this happens, the Building owner shall give notice to the Building Control Authority of the new assignment. At all times the Building Owner shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that an Assigned Certifier and Builder are in place.
  • Where there is a change of Building owner, prior to the submission of the Certificate of Compliance on Completion, the new Building Owner shall give notice of the change of Building Owner and also notify the Building control Authority in writing of all the appointments that are in place.
  • The Building Owner will not assign this agreement without the written agreement of the appointed Assigned Certifier.
  • Take out Defects Liability Insurance on the whole building or works.
  • Maintain records.
  • Appoint and pay a Design Certifier.
  • Appoint and pay any Ancillary certifier’s as required throughout the build (i.e. engineering, mechanical, electrical services).  
  • In the event that the hard-core supplier fails to provide a test certificate complying with SR 21:2004 & A7 & A14/IS EN 12342:2002 (including a petrographic report where the sulphur content is greater than 0.1%), independent pyrite testing will be essential.
  • In the event that the concrete block supplier fails to provide test certificates complying IS EN 771-3:2011, independent pyrite testing will be essential.
  • Pay local authority and any planning fees.
  • Building Energy Ratings.
  • Drainage/percolation test (where applicable).
  • Appoint and pay Ancillary Certifier for a site investigation report.
  • Appoint and pay Ancillary Certifier for sound testing per unit.

The building owner shall not appoint any person to design, construct, manage, inspect or certify the building or works to whom the assigned certifier shall reasonably object


The building surveyor agrees to carry out the services and obligations of the Assigned Certifier under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014, S.I. No. 9 of 2014 and the associated Code of Practice, including any amendments or alterations at the time of signing this agreement.

The Assigned Certifier is the person assigned by the Building Owner as is required under the Building Control Regulations. The certifier undertakes to inspect, and to co-ordinate the inspection activities of others during construction, and to certify the building or works on completion.

The role of Assigned Certifier does not include responsibility for the supervision of any builder and the Assigned Certifier should seek advice from the Building Control Authority in respect of compliance matters, relating to the building or works, where disputes or differences of opinion arise between the parties to the project.

The Assigned Certifier will :

  • Be the single point of contact with the Building Control Authority during construction.
  • Prepare the Preliminary Inspection Plan and oversee adherence to this plan and on completion provide the Inspection Plan as implemented.
  • Identify all design professionals and specialists, in conjunction with the Builder, from whom certificates are required.
  • Identify all certificates required and obtain them.
  • Co-ordinate the ancillary certification by members of the design team and other relevant bodies for the Certificate of Compliance on Completion.
  • In consultation with members of the design team, plan and oversee the implementation of the Inspection Plan during Construction.
  • Co-ordinate and collate all certification of compliance for completion in conjunction with the Builder and receive these as formal submissions at agreed intervals and dates.
  • On termination or relinquishment of this appointment make available to the Building Owner all certification prepared and inspection reports carried out.
  • Maintain records of inspection, and
  • Provide and sign the Certificate of Compliance for the Undertaking and Completion.

Global Home Warranties Ltd can now offer such services to its existing clients and new clients throughout Ireland in addition to providing them with their 10 year structural warranty cover.

For more information on these services please contact Andrew Gunning on 0770372 0010 or our sales team on 01 8203744.